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Does your business fall into one of these categories? Click below to see how Kesem's computer and network support services coupled with our advanced technology web services can help you!


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bullet Small / Home office / 'Home Branch Office'
bullet Simple/HTML Websites
bullet Virus and Spam protection
bullet E-mail lists
bullet Tele-commute to 'main office'
bullet How we can help your business

Small Business, Advocacy Group

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bullet 5 to 15 employees
bullet Dedicated file server
bullet Internet computer security
bullet Your website is part of your business strategy
bullet Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your web and social media presence
 bullet  How we can help your business

Medium Business, Advocacy Group 
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bullet 15 to 100 employees
bullet 1 or more file servers
bullet Redundancy Disaster Recovery
bullet Data and access security is a must
bullet IT is key to company operations
bullet Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your web and social media presence

How we can help your business

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Kesem Technology is a computer and network services firm that provides Personal and Enriching Technical Services for your business or advocacy group We support you with common sense advice, sound equipment decisions and reccomendations, web hosting, e-mail, and process advisory for your small to medium sized business or advocacy organization.

We don't try to sell you a suite of services you may not need or use. We don't make you fit our business model. Your business is different from the next, and how you use technology, your ability to adopt and absorb technology in your business, are unique and different than the next busines. That's why it has to be personalized.

Whether you're a three person trade group, a 50 person think tank or seven to ten  person law, construction, accounting, or other services firm, Kesem provides a suite of services and access to products that are tailored to your needs, your budget, and your mission. It has to help move your business forward, it has to be enriching to you, or it has no value. 

In addition to both on site and remote services, Kesem owns and operates it's own hosting infrastructure to provide you a single point of service and support for your technology needs. Whether you need to host a 5-page 'brochure ware' web site, or need content managed packages such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Ektron, we are expert in providing that environment. If you need simple shared hosting, or a dedicated server, we can provide the right equipment and operating environment tailored to your specific need.

We think it makes sense to have a single vendor who knows all your processes and systems to help support you in making the right strategic choices for technology that enriches your company or organization both now and for the future.

We think that adds value.


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